Our PABX / VOIP solutions


Tailor made solutions to fit YOUR business.

Copfin delivers the results our clients demand because of one simple philosophy: Service. At Copfin we believe the idea is simple – spend the time to understand exactly what our client’s
situation, need and budget are and create a customized solution accordingly.

Communication is moving away from traditional hardware based systems on a coper based network toward Voice over IP, software-based and mobile technology, that operate on a data network/internet, connecting us to the world at a fraction of the cost.

So why consider changing your PABX?

  • Saving of 25%- 60% on outgoing calls.
  • Use current internet connection and network (based on specifications)
  • Flexible – add as needed at a minimum cost
  • Minimum hardware on site
  • 99% up time – fail over installed
  • Management software, voice recording and auto attendant.
  • Mobile options
  • Seamless transition
  • Never lose your number
  • Monthly rental options

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