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At Copfin we realize that looking after our customers takes more than just good service. It also means making sure their business keeps going no matter what… even if the power goes down. With the volatile grid in South Africa in mind, we have done extensive research and aligned ourselves with leaders in the market to ensure the best possible generator solutions at the best possible price. Our team specialize in determining the correct product based on a site inspection and needs analysis. Based on our findings we build, deliver and install our range of pad-mounted solutions.

Pad-mounted generators, also referred to as standby generators, are a permanent fixture installed outside your building on a concrete pad. The size of generator you need depends on the building’s square meters as well as power consumption. During an outage, pad-mounted generators power on automatically and continue running indefinitely. Based on the conditions and placement, the generator has a silent, weatherproof canopy.

Although they cost considerably more than portable models, their automatic operation, stress-free refueling and management system provide peace of mind to owners no matter what the conditions.

  • Site inspection and consumption calculation
  • Delivery and installation options
  • Guarantee and after sales service
  • Finance options – Rental and purchase options

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